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For this bracelet, you want to know how to make either a right knot or a left knot. You can have as many colors as you would like, but the more colors, the shorter each section will have to be to have all the colors.

1. Cut all your strings. For each color make sure you cut it long enough so that when you fold it in the middle, it is still of an average length. To do this, we recommend that you cut each piece as long as your arms when fully stretched out. After cutting all the colors tie a knot at the top.

2. Next, pick your first color. Take the string, and tie either a right or left knot. (This is the kind of knot you will use for the whole bracelet!) Pull it tight so it stays!

3. Do this again, and make sure that this time you tie the same kind of knot you did last time. Be sure to pull it tight again and have it angled more to the side.

4. Continue this with the same color until the desired length. To switch colors just select a different color knotting string. Enjoy!!!!!!!!
Sorry we haven't updated the site in a long time! We've been really busy lately and neglecting our responsibility to keep the site up and running. We would also like to say "Hi!", to our new visitors, and we hope you like our site! We will be adding a couple of new bracelets that we've been working on, including the name bracelets, which is one  of our bestsellers, and some 3D like bracelets! We hope you like them, and come back soon! Enjoy the site! :)
We are now officially selling custom friendship bracelets from our site! Check out our Buy Some! page to find out more! We are selling all the patterns in all colors and sizes! Hope you enjoy!
We have gotten a lot of requests to put patterns on the website, so we will begin to put some of our patterns on the site in the next few weeks! Also, we will try to make clear instructions and show pictures of the bracelets we post, so keep checking back!!!
This is a really easy pattern to make, but I hope you know your basic knots!
1.  Cut two 60 inch pieces of one color of embroidery floss, and then two more of another color.  Fold them in half and tie an overhand knot to make a loop.
2.  Separate the strands by color.  
3.  With the color on the left, tie a left knot and with the color on the right tie a right knot.  
4.   Repeat until desired length...yay!
Hey! We've been working hard and we have added more bracelets and keychains to the site! Check out Friendship Bracelets and Keychains
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Now we've got hemp bracelets and keychains on our site, but we need to add to them some more.....
We just posted our first pics! enjoy