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                                                                ~Em and M~
7/7/2011 07:46:15 am

Your bracelets are really good but you should add some more patterns. Especially to your hemp bracelets. :)

7/21/2011 04:23:48 am

I like your bracelets. Check out my website too!!!

9/28/2011 12:16:22 am


Just wanted to say that we LOVE your site! You are very talented and offer a lot of insightful advice. Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge!

We have just started a website to raise money for education selling bracelets. Please stop by, as we would love to get your feedback, and maybe ideas for improvement. The site is brand new, and thus a work in progress, but we know that someone as experienced as you could be valuable. Perhaps we can forge some sort of partnership to aid each other. Maybe I am getting ahead of myself here, no pressure, we are just letting you know about the new site, and would love your feedback if you ever get a chance (we know you must busy with these beautiful creations).

All the best,


12/9/2011 05:34:53 am


How did you make the Peruvian wave bracelet? I'm looking on Google how to make it, but I haven't found anything yet... :(

Em and M
1/16/2012 01:27:58 am

For the wave bracelet we just started with a basic knot and then wrapped the string around one piece at a time and tied another basic knot. I know it sounds confusing, so if you have any more questions just ask, and maybe we can post a video.

3/23/2013 12:26:28 pm

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