We have gotten a lot of requests to put patterns on the website, so we will begin to put some of our patterns on the site in the next few weeks! Also, we will try to make clear instructions and show pictures of the bracelets we post, so keep checking back!!!
9/25/2010 09:11:07

are u familiar with the ladder pattern? post some pics of that one

9/26/2010 00:58:16

hey have u tried these 2 patterns yet: bordered chevron, and the totem pole? :)

Em and M
9/26/2010 06:17:27

Yeah, we've tried both the bordered chevron and the totem pole bracelets! Totem pole is personally one of our favs though! We'll try to post some pics of those patterns Alyssa! Also, Mandy we're in the process of taking pics of the ladder pattern and they should be up soon!

Em and M
10/3/2010 08:21:16

we put up the ladder pattern, check it out!
i hope you guys like it!
Anyone else have requests?

10/20/2010 08:17:33

ok thanks! <3

1/11/2011 13:48:29

We realize the true worth of happiness when we are in sorrow.

3/11/2011 21:50:53

Hey Em and M lol! i was wondering if i could still get some? i love the pics that u made there amazing! i wish i could do that! but oh well i would really like any patern but not the swirly stairs i think ya that one and if u see this u guys are amazing to!


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